Winterizing Your Home

By Bud Coburn

Ways to prepare your home for Winter

As winter creeps in ever so slowly, getting your home ready for the colder months may be on your mind.

Below are tips to help you keep your home warm, use power efficiently and protect equipment from extreme elements.


Checking your home for air leaks is easy.

On a cold day, run your hand around your doorframes and windows, he said. If you feel a draft on the inside of the house, you’ll need weather-stripping. If you feel a draft outside, or see cracks, you’ll need caulking.

Windows are especially important because they are a huge area for heat loss.

If you’ve got old-style, single-pane windows, installing new double-hung, vinyl windows produced by companies such as Jeld-Wen or Andersen.  These help retain heat much better.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, covering windows with plastic can also help keep cold air out.

Also, fill in any gaps around doors or windows with weather-stripping. Cracks can be filled in with expanding foam or caulking.

A long-lasting siliconized acrylic caulk that can be painted, resists mold and mildew and forms a weather-tight seal.


If you have less than 11 inches of fiberglass insulation or eight inches of blown cellulose (recycled paper) insulation in your attic, you could benefit by adding more.

Outdoors pipes can be insulated with newspapers or plastic, according to FEMA.

Putting a faucet cover on your outdoor faucet,

Outdoor Faucet Covers
and wrapping a blanket around your hot water heater.

Insulate pipes with insulation or newspapers and plastic.

“It costs so little to properly insulate your house, for what you get out of it in the long run,”.


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